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The Story behind 'Hadassa Clothing'

Thank you for visiting our website.

My name is Miné van Schalkwyk. Born and bred on a very small town near Mossel Bay. 

In January 2016 we (me, my husband and baby girl) moved to Somerset West all the way from Mossel Bay.

We literally sold all that we had in 5 weeks, packed up and left for the 'city of milk and honey'- or so we thought- for my husbands' new job.

God clearly told me that I should be a stay-at-home mom for at least 8 months before I can start a new career.

This was 8 months of laying down all my worldly ambition of achieving, the urge to be successful, the reason for meaning in my life and really repenting of the vanity in my heart that I was never aware of. 

During that time, late on night, while laying on the floor in prayer and yet again in tears, God said that He's taking me through an 'Esther season'. This was confirmed many times, but did not make sense at the time. Why must I be stripped of all of ME? Why should I let go of the identity I had? Was there still so much of me and still so little of Him?

In that time, God said NO to all the career options I had in mind. And then eventually, after 8 months, I clearly heard the call in my heart to "clothe His kingdom with prophetic clothing".

This was confirmed through various friends and mentors that prayed with me.

I had absolutely no experience, no knowledge and no idea where to start. I started completely in faith, knowing that when God gives an order, He will surely teach me every step of the way.

 Every design from the very start and up to date today, comes directly from God, through much prayer.

I wait on Him to hear His heart for every garment, the promise attached to it, as well as the Scripture supporting it.

I have asked God multiple times why clothes even matter to Him, because I have always loved dressing up for the day, but I know that it doesn't even matter to Him what clothes I wear. 

The answer came very seriously to me; that prophetic clothes is a way to physically see, touch and feel He's promises on our bodies.

He is spirit and we are flesh and that's why we sometimes get discouraged, because we don't always see what's going on in the spirit world. But when you wear something with spiritual meaning, you are constantly reminded to walk by faith and not by sight!

And in short, that is how it came about.

Today we have ladies from the community that actually make each and every garment, so that we invest in our community as well.

In February 2019, the Lord said that it's time for us to go back to Mossel Bay- this time so that we can get back into the original design for us as a family. So, we moved back, but our beautiful God-given ladies in Somerset West still produces our clothing with much love and care.

'Hadassa' is 'Esther' in Hebrew- so from this season of pruning all of me, God showed me that every woman is called as an 'Esther', to be prepared to meet her King!

To Him all the glory and honour,

forever and ever,


Love and blessings


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